Thursday, 21 January 2016

Baby CPR

Here is a brilliant resource for remembering Baby CPR (under one year or very small), as it is different to the older child or adult CPR. Remember - if your child is not breathing than CPR is the best chance of survival for your baby, do not avoid CPR in fear of "hurting" them.

Here's a quick note of what to do:

  • Send a bystander to call for an ambulance, if you are alone start CPR immediately (999 or 112 if you have no signal).
  • 5 initial breath puffs over nose and mouth. 
  • 30 chest pumps (using only two fingers in the center of the chest)
  • Two rescue breaths over nose and mouth.
  • 30 more chest pumps.
  • *** If you are alone and have not called for an ambulance, now is the time to do it after 1 minute of CPR***

Continue 30 chest compression followed by 2 rescue breaths until help arrives!

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