Thursday, 18 February 2016

Depression and Pregnancy/Childbirth

Thanks to the information from the Mind season on BBC - especially "My Baby, Psychosis and Me" I have been looking into supporting parent's mental health during pregnancy.

Mothers and fathers who experience some issues with their mental health during pregnancy and after birth should not be afraid of the stigma surrounding any mental health issues. As a society I feel we should accept and support these parents during a very stressful time of anyone's life!

From watching "My, Baby, Psychosis and Me" I have learned that parents are often kept with their baby unless under very extreme circumstances - so parents need not fear separation from their child if they speak about their problems and seek support from others.
I feel it is important to raise awareness of this issue, as our duty as family, friends and practitioners is to support and care those we come into contact with and love.

This following link is a post to an article discussing whether mothers should have screening for depression in the UK.

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